My Business Stack.

My Business Stack.

Shannon Duncan Shannon Duncan
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This might seem like a weird article on a site like this. But I'm all about transparency and a geek regarding technology and cost accounting.

This will be insightful for those interested in what it costs to do what I do. Below is a breakdown of my all-in costs for creating this website/business.

Last Update: 2023.11.08

Remember that before this, I have incalculable costs of earning experience, knowledge, and learnings through my Job, Relationships, and Prior Education.

Technology Costs

Item Description Cost Frequency
Carrd Hosting of my website $19 per year
Cloudflare Domain & DNS for my website. ~$10 per year


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I am a fan of lower intrusiveness into website visitors, and ownership of data. Therefore I don't use google Analytics. Instead I use Fathom, and it works perfectly for me. per month
DropInBlog I don't want to mess with WordPress or ghost or anything; I wanted more control over the design of my site, and like Carrd. DropInBlog was a good fit here, and I can integrate it with my newsletter system easily. $39 per month
Grammarly Grammar and spelling help for blogs and emails. Gen AI support for editing. It integrates well with iA Writer on desktop $144 per year
iA Writer Pure writing program focused on a simple writing experience. $49 one time
Buttondown Very simplistic and straightforward newsletter system. I can auto-send my DropInBlogs via RSS. I can email it, and it sends out, etc. Super responsive developer/owner that you can talk directly to if there are any issues. $9 per month
Google Workspace I use Google Workspace to manage my email, documents, spreadsheets, etc. $6 per month
LinkedIn LinkedIn is my main social media, and I will use their newsletter system. It will be the same newsletter that is sent out via Buttondown. $29.99 per month
MidJourney I use MidJourney to generate blog post feature images in "urban sketch" style since that is my favorite art style $10 per month

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For scheduling and calendar management between work, this, and personal life I use Reclaim. Their founder is awesome and the support staff is great! $144 per year

Business Expenses

Item Description Cost Frequency
Business Entity & Regiestered Agent Setup and form my business entity. CPA allows me to use as  registered agent. He provides answers year round for no additional charge. < $500 (Not setting exact price as if you are interested in using him, I'll connect you) one time
Franchise Tax Arkansas requires franchise tax yearly for LLC $150 per year
Office Space & Address I use a local co-working space as my main out-of-home office and address. To meet clients etc. $25 per month
Account Software I use Wave Accounting for free. $0 per month
Taxes I go through my accountant for tax and business-related questions. He provides answers year round for no additional charge. < $500 (again not exact price so contact him for details) per year
Mercury Banking and such. Once we have EIN from IRS after LLC formation, we use it to open Bank account to separate business from personal expenses However much money you want to put in. Money goes and comes all the time. But for most of us in business, mostly goes out all the time.

Soft Skills Costs

Item Description Cost Frequency
Books I'm always purchasing and reading leading books around Coaching & Leadership. ~$100 per month
Executive Education I invest heavily in education to ensure I build the right skills, learn the right strategies, and earn the right credentials. Through Saint Joseph's University and Center for Executive Coaching. $9,800 One time
Certifications ICF / BCC / etc. cost to apply for certifications and exams ~$500 each
Marketing Coach I'm really bad at setting up marketing funnels. So we as coaches should be willing to invest in our own coaching. This is focused on building a marketing funnel to my core products. $10,000 One Time (8 week course). 

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Note: Almost all feature images on this blog are generated by AI, not my art.

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